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Choosing Your

3d rendering style

3 fantastic rendering styles for every stage of your project workflow.


Win More Proposals

Proposal Renderings are an inexpensive way get great visuals that will convey your vision to a prospective client without committing to concrete design details in the early stages.

These 3D renderings are perfect for projects that are still in their concept phase. Before you can expect to win a project, you will have to convey your vision to the client without over committing to particular details. The proposal rendering was designed for you to get the maximum benefit of artistic visualization without having to break the bank on something that is not concrete.

Many of our clients like to use this style to help convey the essence of their designs in 3D and draw attention to critical design themes and decisions.


Highlight Your Project's Best Features

Project Renderings are our most popular architectural 3D rendering tier as it offers clients the high-quality visual that can be used to accurately represent their designs but doesn’t require the level of detail and time that are required to create our Market Renderings, and therefore doesn’t warrant the extra expense.

These renderings are perfect for projects that you have been awarded where you really want to show your clients the details of what makes your design special.


Market & Sell Projects With Ease

Market Renderings are our elite rendering style reserved for those that are looking to make a statement with their visuals. These style of renderings dive into the deeper levels of detail and artistry, giving each set of renderings a true bespoke photo-realistic finish.

Our most senior designers will spend 3x to 4x more time carefully crafting your designs into a fabulous work of art.

This level of rendering is best used to give your client’s a final set of renderings that will be used to get their project noticed, funded and sold. This is a favorite of our Hotel & Accommodation clients, as well as our high end multi-family clients.

Don't Settle For Less

Optimize your designs using renderings that show your clients your exact vision at scale and with pinpoint accuracy.

Professionals hate surprises. We always want to know exactly how things are going to end.

Cut through the late stage design surprises by showing your clients your design with pinpoint accuracy to scale and design. With a set oof photo-realistic 3D visuals your clients will be able to see and interpret your design plans without question or reservation.


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Stay up to date on your opportunity to get a great looking set of bespoke 3D renderings for your next project.


Charge Forward

Build your marketing campaigns around your visuals & engage your audiences before a single shovel ever hits the ground.

Charge forward confidently knowing that your visuals will be able to sell more spaces site unseen when you give your prospects the ability to answer this simple question: Is this the right place for me? 
  • Fully customizable
  • Choose your materials
  • Choose your furniture
  • Showcase all layouts & configurations
  • Increase call-to-action conversions
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    “Growth Media was able to integrate our creative needs and wants into a beautiful and realistic rendering. We enjoyed being able to actually show people what our vision was and the value it was going to bring. I would recommend Growth Media to anyone looking  to use renderings as a marketing tool.”

    Camilla Andreson

    Project Architect, Gehl People


    How 3d renderings will work for you

    We specialize in making your life easier by giving you the visuals you need in order to streamline the approval process and pre-sell more units with less work.

    When our 3D renderings are integrated into your marketing materials, clients and officials notice. While it may seem like a small addition, it speaks volumes to the stakeholders.

    A 3D rendering means that they can quickly and effortlessly see if your space is the right space, making their experience with your firm a simple and professional experience.

    Attract more residents

    Easily move past those that are not serious and get straight to those that want what you have.

    enhance your marketing

    Use 3D renderings to greatly enhance your marketing & sales materials.

    Increase site-unseen sales

    Earn your prospective clients trust by having all of your marketing materials and 3D Floorplans ready when they answer the call.

    Make a stronger connection

    Help your clients understand why your spaces are the best with a comprehensive color visual.

    case study 1

    Make Your Own Opportunities

    5 3D Project Rendering Views – $8,545 ($9,475 x 10% Discount for 5+)

    Express 7 Day Turn-around – $2,136 (+25% of total)

    White-label Delivery – $95

    Modeling Costs – $475

    The Value: $8,545 + $2,136 + $495 + $95 = $11,271

    Total Paid: $8,700 – (23% Savings)

    Pick your rendering style

    Your rendering, your way

    Choose how you want your 3D Rendering to look.

    Select Your rendering Style

    Proposal Renderings 
    Project Renderings
    Market Renderings

    Select Your rendering type

    Interior Rendering
    Exterior Rendering
    Aerial Rendering


    3d Renderings

    Frequently Asked Questions


    It varies based on the complexity of the project and what type of rendering plan you have chosen.

    The general rule of thumb is 5-7 business days for a first draft and 10 to 14 business days for finals.

    There are several factors that account for turn-around time, but we always shoot to have the final imagery done within 7-10 business days, but we often finish earlier than that.

    If you are in need of a quicker turn around time, say a 3-5 day turn around, we do offer ‘Accelerated Delivery' where your project will skip the line and we will elevate it as our highest priority, which includes working on it over weekends.  Accelerating your delivery is subject to a 50% increase in final project costs.

    I'm in a hurry. Can I get my project expedited?

    Yes, you absolutely can! We understand that sometimes you are going to be in a rush, and other times you will have ample time.

    This why we offer a fast-track option that will put your project at the top of our work schedule and will allow us to get it to you as soon as possbile.

    Expedited projects add a 50% surcharge to the cost of the project

    I only need certain items fast-tracked. Can I fast-track some items and not others?

    Yes, you absolutely can! Choose which items you want to have expedited and which one's you don't. We only charge you for fast-tracked items.

    How much do revisions cost?

    With every project, you will receive 2 free revisions. If you need more revisions after that, which is rare, you can purchase additional revisions for $250.


    We require that all projects under $10,000 be paid for prior to the start of the project.

    All projects over $10,000 will require 1/2 the total cost of the project before the start of the project and the remaining upon delivery of the final renderings.


    We use Stripe to process all major credit card payments, and we also accept direct account deposits for those who qualify. If necessary, we can also use Paypal to process payments upon request. 

    I have a few questions before I buy, who do i talk to?

    There are 3 ways to get in touch:

    • Use the instant chat button located in the lower right section of your screen
    • Use the contact form at the bottom of every page 
    • Email us at
    I don't have a 3D plan for my development yet, is that a problem?

    Nope, not a problem.  We have partnerships with some amazing modeling architects that will be happy to assist you in getting a base 3D model ready for the rendering process. 

    This service is separate from the rendering service we offer and will come with its own costs, which is determined by the size of the development and the amount of time it will take to model. Modeling your project from a PDF starts at $300. 

    If you want to inquire about having a model made for you for rendering purposes, simply email us what project documents you have at with the subject line, “Modeling Price” and we can get you an accurate quote.

    Looking for a 3d rendering  for your next real estate project?

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