SALE! Bespoke 3D Renderings to get your project noticed, funded & sold.

No more price adjustments, time delays, and confusing offers, just one simple flat rate  for all your projects.





This offer includes 1 rendering of your choice  with interior or exterior views, professionally modeled, a dedicated project manager, custom post-rendering entourage and 2 FREE revisions. All this delivered to you in just 2 weeks.

And as a bonus, we will also White-Label each of your renderings, removing the “Rendered by Growth|Media” so that you get all the credit! 

Our renderings have been proven to help increase your chances of getting your project noticed, funded, and sold.  You can simply place your renderings onto your website landing page, into your promotional marketing materials, and in your social media ad platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

To get a rendering made like this normally would cost $1200+ but for this week only, you can get one made at cost, for just $595 – all we ask in return is a testimonial if you like it! 

To get started, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the “Order 3D Rendering Package“.
This will transfer you to an order page, which will then provide you with a questionnaire that you will need to fill out about your product or service. Our team will handle the rest and will contact you throughout the rendering creation process.


“Growth Media was able to seamlessly integrate our creative needs and wants into a beautiful and realistic rendering. We enjoyed being able to actually show people what our vision was and the value it was going to bring. I would recommend Growth Media to anyone looking  to use renderings as a marketing tool.”

Camilla Anderson

Project Architect, Gehl People

The Benefits of This Offer


No Additional Cost

We hate hidden fees and charges. We want to be upfront and as transparent as possible with you. That’s why we offer fixed prices for all our products. That way you always keep your project within your budget.


Meet Your Deadline

We will do everything in our power to deliver your project on time and to your satisfaction. In doing so, we promise to keep you informed during all major phases of the project.


2 Rounds Of Feedback

You always get the chance to give 2 rounds feedback every step of the process (script, voice, animation, etc.). If you are not satisfied after our second attempt, which is very unusual , you can ask for a third draft for $150.


A Dedicated Global Team

When you work with us, you will have a dedicated team of experts at your side. You will be able to talk to each person working on your project using 1 on 1 chat within are CRM, by email, or by skype.


All Inclusive

Everything from planning to modeling, to graphics, to delivery, it’s all built into the price.


Dedicated Project Manager To Manage Your Project

To ensure effective communication between you and our team, you will have your very own, dedicated project manager. Your PM will be available to you 24/7 to assist and inform you of your rendering’s progress throughout all stages of creation. When everyone is in the same place, it is easy for us to manage your project and provide you with a fantastic product.

The Perfect Solution For Any Real Estate Professional




Perfect Product Match

Your renderings will give you full control over the level of investment you have to make in order to get the most out of your renderings.

Optimal Budget Fit

Whether you are working with clients or creating a new space for yourself, every project has a unique scope and a unique budget to match.

Even for the smallest of budgets, we have found a unique way to produce a great set of visuals.

Maximum Flexibility

Use your renderings to illustrate your design concepts to your project principles, the community, and the stakeholders.

With this flash sales, you will be able to inexpensively make adjustments on the fly through out all of your design phases.

What You Can Expect


How we deliver

Our 5 step plan makes getting your renderings a breeze


We start by collecting all the necessary information from you in order to begin creating renderings. 

The Model

We start by creating a wireframe based on the information you’ve provided.

First Rendering

Once we agree on the model, we begin layering the model with all of the intricate details that make your project special.


After seeing your rendering fully layered with materials and textures, you’ll have 2 opportunities to make adjustments to ensure that it’s perfect. 

Final Rendering & Delivery

We will add the finishing touches and begin the final rendering process so that you get the best visuals for your project. Simple as that!  

Who We Work With 

We work with a wide audience of real estate and architecture professionals to produce stunning 3d renderings.


We work with Architects at firms of all sizes. We’ve worked in tandem with other agencies to do only portions of the final 3D rendering, and we have created full renderings from modeling to final colorings. Alleviate your project work load and focus on the important creative aspects like design & programming.


Developers love that they can get their visuals for marketing and sales long before the building is ever built. We understand the important need of design visuals in order to sell and pre-lease space. We work with projects at all stages of development to generate truly great imagery.


Putting together attractive presentations and marketing packages is a key component to getting initial interest in projects which is why many real estate investment trusts prefer to use our 3D renderings for their visual presentations.


Brokers know best that visualization is the key to a quick and successful transaction. Our 3D rendering and design services make it possible to put the clients into the space as if it were their own.

Dozens of Satisfied CLients

 Very High Quality.

Very photo realistic, and changes were handled and made in a very professional manner.

I have no negative comments. I will highly recommend your team for further renderings.

This was perfect for our pre-leasing marketing campaign.

We will definitely use you again for our next project


I was skeptical at first but it was clear once we received the first draft that you guys are the real thing.

Thank you for reaching out to us and doing such a great job. We will come back to you with our next project

Our sales are up and our clients are more informed as to what we do, so our sales conversations are more about details of the sale rather than answering questions about what we do. We’ll need another one soon!


Managing Director, Fern & Blossom

The team went above and beyond expectations. They worked with us through every step of the process and delivered on time and as specified. I will continue to use and recommend Growth Media

Baptiste James

Director of Technology, Poulitsu Media

This really helped us expand our brand awareness on Facebook and Instagram. Social media ads are a big part of how we sell are products, and anything that helps us get noticed is a worthwhile investment to us.      


Director of Marketing, Big White Goose

How Get Your Renderings 


1. Click below to start your project

Scroll down and click the button “Click Here To Start Your Project.”


2. Submit your project to our team

This allows our design team to review your project materials to make sure we have everything needed to give you a great set of renderings.


3. Meet your Project Manager

Once our team has received your project information, your project manager will reach out to confirm your project and give you a payment link.


4. Purchase your renderings

Purchase your renderings using the purchase link given to you by your project manager.


5. Collect your renderings

Collect your renderings shortly after your purchase.

Take 10% off when you order 5 or more renderings


Get answers to our most frequently asked questions


Yes. You can order as many renderings as you like. There is no limit to the amount of renderings that you can order under this promotion. 

If you order 5 or more renderings at the time of purchase, you will receive 10% off!


It varies based on the complexity of the project and what type of rendering plan you have chosen.

The general rule of thumb is 5-7 business days for a first draft and 10 to 14 business days for finals.

There are several factors that account for turn-around time, but we always shoot to have the final imagery done within 7-10 business days, but we often finish earlier than that.

If you are in need of a quicker turn around time, say a 3-5 day turn around, we do offer ‘Accelerated Delivery’ where your project will skip the line and we will elevate it as our highest priority, which includes working on it over weekends.  Accelerating your delivery is subject to a 50% increase in final project costs.

I'm in a hurry. Can I get my project expedited?

Yes, you absolutely can! We understand that sometimes you are going to be in a rush, and other times you will have ample time.

This why we offer a fast-track option that will put your project at the top of our work schedule and will allow us to get it to you as soon as possbile.

Expedited projects add a 50% surcharge to the cost of the project

I only need certain items fast-tracked. Can I fast-track some items and not others?

Yes, you absolutely can! Choose which items you want to have expedited and which one’s you don’t. We only charge you for fast-tracked items.

How much do revisions cost?

With every project, you will receive 2 free revisions. If you need more revisions after that, which is rare, you can purchase additional revision for $150.


We require that all projects under $10,000 be paid for prior to the start of the project.

All projects over $10,000 will require 1/2 the total cost of the project before the start of the project and the remaining upon delivery of the final renderings.


We use Stripe to process all major credit card payments, and we also accept direct account deposits for those who qualify. If necessary, we can also use Paypal to process payments upon request. 

I have a few questions before I buy, who do i talk to?

There are 3 ways to get in touch:

  • Use the instant chat button located in the lower right section of your screen
  • Use the contact form at the bottom of every page 
  • Email us at
I don't have a 3D plan for my development yet, is that a problem?

Nope, not a problem.  We have partnerships with some amazing modeling architects that will be happy to assist you in getting a base 3D model ready for the rendering process. 

This service is separate from the rendering service we offer and will come with its own costs, which is determined by the size of the development and the amount of time it will take to model. Modeling your project from a PDF starts at $300. 

If you want to inquire about having a model made for you for rendering purposes, simply email us what project documents you have at with the subject line, “Modeling Price” and we can get you an accurate quote.

Need higher quality renderings?

See our product tiers to get the perfect set of renderings for your project

Project Renderings


Market Renderings


3D Floorplans