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a tailored design for all your projects

Get the perfect visualizations for your project at every stage of development.


Built to create authentic & desirable visuals



We are a commercial real estate visualization company based in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

We specialize in providing commercial real estate developers, brokers, designers, and architects high-quality product visuals.

Our visuals help gather and convey what makes your project special to buyers, investors, and future tenants.

With a simple 5 step system, we have made the rendering process simple and efficient for your customers.s



a rendering for every stage of your projects life cycle.

Get the perfect rendering for your project at every stage of development.


Proposal Renderings

Proposal Renderings are an excellent way to show your vision on your next project proposals or great for visualizing your working drafts without breaking  your budget.

Project Renderings

Project Renderings are perfect for those looking to get photo-realistic visuals for final project representations and marketing imagery.

Market Renderings

Market Renderings are for those that want to make a statement.  This tier will give your building the highest quality artistic rendering  out there.

“Growth Media was able to seamlessly integrate our creative needs and wants into a beautiful and realistic rendering. We enjoyed being able to actually show people what our vision was and the value it was going to bring. I would recommend Growth Media to anyone looking  to use renderings as a marketing tool.”

Camilla Anderson

Project Architect, Gehl People

3 tiers of renderings

Bringing you affordable renderings at every stage of your workflow.


Renderings To Win Proposals

Proposal Renderings are an inexpensive way get great visuals that will convey your vision to a prospective client without committing to concrete design details in the early stages.

These 3D renderings are perfect for projects that are still in their concept phase. Before you can expect to win a project, you will have to convey your vision to the client without over committing to particular details. The proposal rendering was designed for you to get the maximum benefit of artistic visualization without having to break the bank on something that is not concrete.

Many of our clients like to use this style to help convey the essence of their designs in 3D and draw attention to critical design themes and decisions.


Renderings to highlight projects

Project Renderings are our most popular architectural 3D rendering tier as it offers clients the high-quality visual that can be used to accurately represent their designs but doesn’t require the level of detail and time that are required to create our Market Renderings, and therefore doesn’t warrant the extra expense.

These renderings are perfect for projects that you have been awarded where you really want to show your clients the details of what makes your design special.


renderings to market & sell projects

Market Renderings are our elite rendering style reserved for those that are looking to make a statement with their visuals. These style of renderings dive into the deeper levels of detail and artistry, giving each set of renderings a true bespoke photo-realistic finish.

Our most senior designers will spend 3x to 4x more time carefully crafting your designs into a fabulous work of art.

This level of rendering is best used to give your client’s a final set of renderings that will be used to get their project noticed, funded and sold. This is a favorite of our Hotel & Accommodation clients, as well as our high end multi-family clients.


Perfect Product Match

Our 3 tier system gives you full control over the level of investment you have to make in order to get the most out of your renderings.

It doesn’t make sense for your company to purchase a premium set of renderings while you are still at the proposal stage of the project.

Conversely, when your project is wrapping up and it’s time to make a larger investment to get the best quality visuals for your building , we’ll have you covered.,

Optimal Budget Fit

Whether you are working with clients or creating a new space for yourself, every project has a unique scope and a unique budget to match.

No matter what your needs might be, we can produce a great set of visuals for your project no matter the budget.

Maximum flexibility

Start with a couple of proposal renderings to illustrate your design concepts to your project principles, the community, and the state. Inexpensively make adjustments on the fly until your design concept is locked in.

Upgrade to Project Renderings when you’re rounding the final corner on design and into construction and development.

When the time comes to get the public to notice, fund, and adopt your project, purchase a beautiful set of bespoke Market Renderings to really give your project a look that will ‘awe-inspire’ the crowd.

It only makes sense.

Eliminate or direct time-consuming, non-preferential work to other less-costly outlets so that your team can focus on the meaningful tasks that keeps your agency’s bottom line healthy.

Use a trusted source to fulfill your 3D renderings & project visuals  to give more time back to your design team.

Did you know?

The average time spent on creating a single rendering creation exceeds 60 hours!

How much could your team get done with an additional 60 hours?

Is a Rendering Service Is right For you?


The Flex Test

renderings are not a one size fits all product.

Renderings come in all sorts of designs and styles. Not all renderings are the same.

We’ve always prided ourselves on helping our customers navigate this experience so that they get a level of quality that they can really be proud of. Our renderings are built using some of the most cutting-edge technology available. 

Our NEW 3 tiered rendering offer give you the maximum need for renderings changes depending on what phase your project is in. That’s why we introduced our tiered rendering plan which allows you to get exactly what you want  at the perfect price.


Diminishing your most valuable asset


If you are like most of our customers, when a project goes live, your time becomes the most valuable element of the project. Everybody wants it, and everybody wants a result from you seemingly overnight.

This is the #1 complaint we hear from our clients. “We’re Red-Lined with work from day 1 until we’re finished.”

Your time is best spent doing the few things that only you can do; renderings are NOT a part of that.

Approaching The Red line

Are you struggling to find a way to meet all of your deadlines without redlining your entire team?

Successfully rolling out a new development project is a difficult balance between staffing and workflow maintenance. With most firms operating on fixed fee agreements, hiring excessive team members can leave you with too much unnecessary overhead and lower profit margins on projects. This is the most common excuse for why design firms try to stretch their team to deliver more for clients in less time.

So when projects swell in scope and exterior delays begin – which it always does, your design team begins to feel the burden of burnout, which leads to a sharp decline in performance.

Getting started is simple

Here is how you can get started


Select Your Rendering Type

Choose between Exterior Renderings, Interior Renderings, and Aerial Renderings and then choose your quality level: Proposal, Project, or Market Renderings .


Pick your viewing spots

Indicate on the drawings what viewing spot you want us to use when designing your renderings. Not sure? We can help you choose!

Upload your design files

Send in your design files in a CAD format or pdf and submit a brief questionnaire about your project.

A project life cycle in a

simple 5 step plan

Our 5 step plan makes getting your renderings a breeze.


We start by collecting all the necessary information from you in order to begin creating renderings. 

the Model

We start by creating a wireframe based on the information you’ve provided.

first Rendering

Once we agree on the model, we begin layering the model with all of the intricate details that make your project special.


After seeing your rendering fully layered with materials and textures, you’ll have 2 opportunities to make adjustments to ensure that it’s perfect. 

final rendering & Delivery

We will add the finishing touches and begin the final rendering process so that you get the best visuals for your project. Simple as that!  

who we work with 

We work with a wide audience of real estate and architecture professionals to produce stunning 3d renderings.


We work with Architects at firms of all sizes. We’ve worked in tandem with other agencies to do only portions of the final 3D rendering, and we have created full renderings from modeling to final colorings. Alleviate your project work load and focus on the important creative aspects like design & programming.


Developers love that they can get their visuals for marketing and sales long before the building is ever built. We understand the important need of design visuals in order to sell and pre-lease space. We work with projects at all stages of development to generate truly great imagery.


Putting together attractive presentations and marketing packages is a key component to getting initial interest in projects which is why many real estate investment trusts prefer to use our 3D renderings for their visual presentations.


Brokers know best that visualization is the key to a quick and successful transaction. Our 3D rendering and design services make it possible to put the clients into the space as if it were their own.

Reasons our past customers use us

3D renderings are the fastest, most efficient way to get professional quality images for your website, presentations, and marketing assets.


Sound Board Your Ideas 

Still in the early stages of design?


Using a professional 3D rendering service is hands down the easiest way to evaluate your ideas. 

Simply send in your models and ideas for your project and we’ll adjust them to our photo-realistic standard and revise them until they are perfect.

A simple and elegant way to know if the furniture really does match the art. 



On demand service

No lengthy contracts, no added employees, no additional hassles.


We understand that for most firms, 3D renderings are not an everyday purchase, so hiring a team full-time doesn’t always make sense. That’s why with it makes sense to partner with us and only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Streamline your projects’ marketing and design budgets by utilizing the expertise and staffing at GrowthMedia.


gain back more time 

You design, we render


As designers we understand that visuals are a major contributor to project success.

Unfortunately creating photo-realistic 3D renderings can take more than 60 hours of additional work that has most of our clients feeling stretched thin, over worked, and bored to tears.

When you use a professional rendering team, you can simply submit your project and get back to working on the tasks that keep your project moving forward instead of pouring a weeks worth of hours into the art.

Need renderings for a client?


creating visual assets for your investment

You’re not just saving money, you’re making it.

It’s no accident that our pricing is what it is. We have strategically priced our renderings so that you can bill back your clients at the standard rate and make a modest return.

And if you are purchasing renderings for your own projects, sit back and relax, knowing that you have a team of experts working for you at a fraction of the industry standard.

your 3D renderings

No matter what project your are doing , all of your 3D renderings will be created with these features.


40,000+ styles and patterns

Find your perfect style with our library of over 40,000 different patterns, styles, and images.

1920x1080 High Definition Imagery

Your renderings will look amazing no matter where it’s shown.


Quick Turnaround

Start marketing your building earlier with our speedy turn around.

2 Free Revisions

Your images will always come out perfect.

Can Be Made From A PDF

Don’t have the computer files? We can model it. for you!

A Team of Expert Designers

Leave your worries behind, your project is in the hands of experts.

Getting started is simple

Here is how you can get started.


Select Your Renderings

Choose the level of quality that is right for your project: Proposal, Project, or Market Renderings.


Fill out a Discovery Brief

Use or Discovery Brief to help guide you through the process of information delivery. If you have never done this before, our step by step guide to take you through the entire process.


Submit Your Project Brief

Using the form below, tell us about your project and submit your design files.


Purchase Your Renderings

Once you have submitted your Project Brief we’ll create an invoice portal with your job on it. Purchase your renderings package and sit back while we start your project.




Pricing that reflects what you want


Get answers to our most frequently asked questions


It varies based on the complexity of the project and what type of rendering plan you have chosen.

The general rule of thumb is 5-7 business days for a first draft and 10 to 14 business days for finals.

There are several factors that account for turn-around time, but we always shoot to have the final imagery done within 7-10 business days, but we often finish earlier than that.

If you are in need of a quicker turn around time, say a 3-5 day turn around, we do offer ‘Accelerated Delivery’ where your project will skip the line and we will elevate it as our highest priority, which includes working on it over weekends.  Accelerating your delivery is subject to a 50% increase in final project costs.

I'm in a hurry. Can I get my project expedited?

Yes, you absolutely can! We understand that sometimes you are going to be in a rush, and other times you will have ample time.

This why we offer a fast-track option that will put your project at the top of our work schedule and will allow us to get it to you as soon as possbile.

Expedited projects add a 50% surcharge to the cost of the project

I only need certain items fast-tracked. Can I fast-track some items and not others?

Yes, you absolutely can! Choose which items you want to have expedited and which one’s you don’t. We only charge you for fast-tracked items.

How much do revisions cost?

With every project, you will receive 2 free revisions. If you need more revisions after that, which is rare, you can purchase additional revisions for $250.


We require that all projects under $10,000 be paid for prior to the start of the project.

All projects over $10,000 will require 1/2 the total cost of the project before the start of the project and the remaining upon delivery of the final renderings.


We use Stripe to process all major credit card payments, and we also accept direct account deposits for those who qualify. If necessary, we can also use Paypal to process payments upon request. 

I have a few questions before I buy, who do i talk to?

There are 3 ways to get in touch:

  • Use the instant chat button located in the lower right section of your screen
  • Use the contact form at the bottom of every page 
  • Email us at Studio@growthmedia.co
I don't have a 3D plan for my development yet, is that a problem?

Nope, not a problem.  We have partnerships with some amazing modeling architects that will be happy to assist you in getting a base 3D model ready for the rendering process. 

This service is separate from the rendering service we offer and will come with its own costs, which is determined by the size of the development and the amount of time it will take to model. Modeling your project from a PDF starts at $300. 

If you want to inquire about having a model made for you for rendering purposes, simply email us what project documents you have at orders@growthmedia.co with the subject line, “Modeling Price” and we can get you an accurate quote.

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