Are you looking for a simple way to send mass emails to potential clients or a list using GM

If you are using GMAIL or G-Suite for your email, then you will love this tip.

Using Google Spreadsheets, the “Yet Another Mail Merge” Add-on, and your gmail account you can easily achieve this. You will be limited to sending only 50 emails in a 24 hour period, which is perfect if you are still narrowing your headlines and copy.

When you are ready you can upgrade your plan with “Yet Another Mail Merge” to 1,500 emails per day for only $24/year.

Just remember, if you are using a free GMAIL email (anything ending in then you are limited to only only 100 emails per day using scripts.

If you are using G-Suit however, you are allowed up to 1,500 emails per day using scripts.

The Quick How To

  1. Open Google Spreadsheets.
  2. Add the “Yet Another Mail Merge” Add-on, located under the “Add-Ons tab in Goggle Spreadsheets.
  3. Fill out your Spreadsheet with at least these 3 columns: First Name, Email, Merge Status.
  4. Add or Import your contacts into your Google Spreadsheet.
  5. Go to your GMAIL page, compose a new email, and write the email you want to send to your contacts listed on your Google Spreadsheet. Make sure you add a subject title, and leave the recipient box blank.
  6. Close the email by clicking the “x” in the upper right corner. This will make it a draft. Keep this draft.
  7. Go to your Google Spreadsheet, got to Add-ons, Yet Another Mail Merge, Start Mail Merge, Start Merge


The Detailed Guide

1.Create a Spreadsheet

Log into your Google Drive account. Create a new spreadsheet by clicking New > Google Sheets. You can import your contacts from an existing excel sheet or your can add them manually.

Next, go to the menu bar and select Add-ons > Get add-ons. This takes you to Google’s Add-on store where you will type in Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) into the search box. YAMM is a public mail merge script that will do all the heavy lifting.

Click the Free button, and a window will open, asking for various permissions to access Google Sheets, Contacts, and Gmail. Click Accept. A window will pop up under Add-ons on the menu bar, indicating that the script has been installed. Click the X to close it.

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