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Contactless Smart Tags 

Today we are introducing our newest product to help you draw more attention to your business and reach your customers on a more interactive level. Enter: Contactless Smart Tags!

Contactless Smart Tags allow your customers to simply hold their smart phones near the tag and instantly interact with your business. Here are just a few examples of how our clients are using their Contactless Smart Tags.

Unlock your phone

Hold Over
Smart Tag


Jason C., a Real Estate Broker with Sotheby International Pacific uses his Contactless Smart Tags to give his prospective buyers access to uniquely built Real Estate Digital Flyers. Buyers interested in learning more about his properties simply hold their smart phones next to his digital flyer smart tags and a true digital flyer automatically is loaded on to their phones.

Now his prospective buyers never miss out on an opportunity to learn more about a property due to empty flyer boxes or having to call Jason’s office directly and ask for information, something he says has been a barrier for prospective buyers in the past. 

In addition, to Jason never having to refill boxes again, he can go about his day knowing that anyone with a digital flyer and effortlessly send and share the flyer to anyone via text message or email. His sphere of influence has instantly grown exponentially as the hurdle barring his prospects from turning into serious buyers has dramatically been lowered. 

Pascal C., a Restaurant Proprietor with multiple bespoke establishments in greater Portland, OR area uses his Contactless Smart Tags safely and efficiently stream line in-house ordering and art sales. With a Smart Tag at each table, customers can order their favorite menu items directly through their phones just by holding their phones near the Smart Tag. In an era with Covid-19 heightening health and safety measures across all industries, especially food & beverage industry,  This can greatly reduce the risk of transmission as they no longer need servers to pass around menus or approach tables for 90% of the guests needs. 

Guests can now occupy a table, whether inside or out, order directly from their phones, and collect their orders in a manner that is acceptable and safe according to their State’s Public Health guidelines.

In addition to the Contactless Ordering Tags, Pascal brings in local artists to display and sell their artwork along the walls of his restaurants. Customers are now able to tap their phones new specially made art tags that directly links to the artist’s information and gallery pages giving admires another level of interaction with the artist while giving the artist another opportunity to connect with buyers.  

Kayleigh M. Art Gallery Manager at le dojo rojo Studio uses her Contactless Smart Tags to link special pages that give unique artist insight and exposition to the artwork that can only be accessed via her Contactless Smart Tags. This gives her guests a truly unique experience and has given her an edge over other galleries in terms of artist engagement and design.

Each of these examples are only a handful of ways Contactless Smart Tags are being used to help companies launch and grow new avenues of business. Over the next month, we will be exploring the various ways Contactless Smart Tags are being used across multiple industries in order help push through the Covid-19 pandemic and grow your business at nearly every level

For more information on how Contactless Smart Tags can work in your business, visit our Contactless Smart Tags page, or reach out to us at