Architects As Developers – Zoe Chan & Merlin Eayrs

Chan + Eayrs

London, England


Zoe Chan

Zoe Chan, born in 1985 in London, is a graduate from Cambridge University and The Architectural Association (AA). She has won several prizes relating to her Architectural Studies including: graduating summa cum laude (Architecture, Cambridge University), the George Ryands Prize (best undergraduate by subject) and The RIBA East Prize.

 In 2007, she worked at Atmos Architects prior to attending the AA, and throughout the second phase of her studies, she acquired several derelict sites, both as an investment and as future design projects in waiting.

 In 2009, Zoe completed the AA and founded Atelier ChanChan. Her first temporary projects included Ridleys temporary restaurant, Urban Fog Teahouse and The Trace Room installation at The Victoria and Albert Museum. These were widely acclaimed and featured in press from The New York Times, to the Evening Standard amongst other press and design magazines.

From 2010 -2014 she worked on several projects for external clients in Malaysia and London. Chan and Eayrs was formed in 2014 with Merlin Eayrs, and completed projects include The Herringbone House and New Cross Lofts. Their work has been featured in The Telegraph, Wallpaper Magazine, Mark Magazine, Dezeen, Hauser, and other magazines and blogs.


Merlin Eayrs

Merlin Eayrs, born in 1982 in Cambridge, is a graduate from Cambridge Arts and Theatre School, Inchbald Interior Design School and The Architectural Association (AA).

From 2011-2013 he has worked as a designer at DRMM architects, taught as a studio master at The Architectural Association (with David Greene and Samantha Hardingham) taught at Oxford Brookes University, and worked alongside Liam Young’s Unknown Fields Division in the summer of 2012, on an expedition to the end of the earth to explore peripheral landscapes, industrial ecologies and precious wilderness.