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Architects as Developers – Jorge mastropiero

From Scuadra Properties

In New York, New York



Jorge Mastropietro was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he studied Architecture for 6 years, followed by 2 years in Europe acquiring a Master’s in Urban Design. He started his own architectural practice in Buenos Aires in 1992 and was also a professor at the university until he decided to move to New York to join the firm of Rafael Vinoly Architects.

During his time there, he was involved in many high profile, international projects. After 5 years working with Rafael, Jorge founded JMA. He is a registered architect in Argentina and in the United States. He is also a member of Colegio de Arquitectos de Buenos Aires and the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Jorge is passionate in his pursuit of a modern design aesthetic that while respectful of alternatives, is both of its time and singularly and unique in its presence and vision.


Scuadra is a local player with an extensive network and international experience, along with an in-depth “know how” of how to evaluate, develop and execute condo construction and income producing assets.

Firm Highlights: Scuadra Properties, LLC is a real estate investment partnership focused on investment opportunities throughout New York and New Jersey.

Strategy: The partnership targets condo construction and income producing investment opportunities that aim to generate a 12.0% to 15.0% net annualized internal rate of return (IRR) for investors, after management fees and carried interest.

Investment Criteria: Investments are opportunistic in nature and vary in terms of size and geographic location, but are targeted in the residential neighborhoods and areas that are being gentrified.

Scuadra Properties utilizes vertical integration with JMA, an architectural firm dedicated to environmental architecture, urban design, landscaping, interior design, and structural engineering consultation in all phases of the architectural process, from idea conception and schematic design through construction documentation and administration.


93 Bright
Area: 7,600 SF
Location: Jersey City, NJ, USA
Project Completion: 2013
Total Cost: $2,000,000
Project Type: Design-Build

The 25’ lot produces four single-family residences with the inherent urban quality of narrow, linear space. As Architects, the main goal is to maintain an interior-exterior connection while creating a spacious and quiet living environment in the city. This is achieved by constructing continuous spaces from property line to property line. Spatially, the residences offer a quiet respite within the city core.

The project utilizes a variety of design strategies to elevate it above the more mundane infill developments typical of speculative housing. A significant attention has been focused on the exterior skin of the project and its appearance towards the surrounding neighborhood.

Within the urban context, the wood frame structure receives floating exterior skins of cedar wood and glass. The interior and exterior skins are separated by an internal air chamber, providing thermal and acoustic insulation. Materially, the glass and wood accentuate the diverse urban fabric of Jersey City.

The primary materials for the project consist of a system of horizontal cedar wood slats, glass panels and painted white aluminum window frame projections. The horizontal wood slats encompass the entire second and third floor with wood elements found in the neighbor. These wood elements help to break up the scale of the project and provide for a balanced palette that integrates the project into a coherent whole.

The 93-Bright project aims to align itself with a sensitive approach to the environment, building a “green edifice” in a variety of ways.