There are only 2 things that matter in the world of marketing: headlines and images. The rest is background noise.

The cliché, A picture is worth a thousand words is true. It takes our brains a lot more time and energy to process, in words, what a picture can tell us in a fraction of a second.

Our minds are naturally adept to gathering information, filtering it, and then discarding what we deem unimportant, that we do this constantly without ever being aware of it. In a sense, it’s one of our best biological traits.
What does this have to do with 3D architectural rendering services?

Try creating a marketing campaign where you describe to your viewers what it is that you are planning to build and why it’s right for them?

Even if you’re more detailed than Jules Verne, there’s a high probability that you will only be able to convey a fraction of what an image will convey to audience; this also assumes that your audience is still with you past the second sentence.

Keep it simple. Headlines. Images. Anything more amounts to a craps shoot in terms of effectiveness.

3D Renders Attract Clients

Realism is the key driver for information acceptance. The more real something appears, the more likely your viewer will accept it. When it comes to buildings, the details matter and having a sound visual of what your project is expected to look like goes a long way in both attracting interested viewers, like future tenants or investors.

It also goes a long way in showing your viewers that you are serious about this project and that you have every conceivable detail mapped out.

Your Best Presentations

The biggest problem of 2D images is not that people can’t visualize your space, it’s that you’re really have no idea what they are actually envisioning. Maybe it’s what you’re thinking, but chances are it’s not. In most cases, it’s not.

That’s because imagining something as complex as an entire building from a set of 2D schematics and some reference images is insanely difficult to the untrained, non-artist type; which is most of the world.

So take the guess work out of it.

3D renderings take your idea from a 2D and bring it into a real 3D space that is understandable, digestible, and most importantly relatable to your viewer. The truly great renderings will be able to give your viewers a positive emotional reaction.

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