In 2018 there's no shortage of entertainment, especially on instagram. But if you've grown tired of the same ol' accounts and typical posts, check out these 5 amazing and architects and designers that have curated stunning Instagram accounts.

Claire Cousins


If you like seeing the ordinary turned into the extraordinary then be prepared to meet the master. Clare Cousins has a special eye for capturing everyday objects and views in an elegant light that just radiates ease and comfort.

Ryan Leidner


Ryan gives you the raw, deconstructed peak into his projects while still remaining stylish and easy. With posts ranging from deconstructed project walls to candid shots of his life, this is a great account that will balance the art of real life and inspiration. 


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Chan + Earys


Chan + Earys is a wonderful account to keep in your feed. Their posts are full of contrast and depth. Complex designs but simple energy, Intense patterns up against whimsical backgrounds, heavy colors brushed and faded so everything feels like it's in its rightful place. Nothing short of spectacular.  

Card room in #theweavershouse #chanandeayrs photo by @michaelsinclair

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John Pawson


If you are ever looking for a screensaver, just go ask John Pawson if you can use on of his IG photos. He is consistently on point when it comes to finding the perect angle, whether he is in a cramped cupboard or on a hill overlooking a grass flat.  

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