A f f i l i a t e s

Air Story (Blog Creation)

Writing blog posts as a team, or even hiring a professional writer to do it on our behalf was a really messy endeavor with dozens of documents being emailed back and forth, and too many edits to count. Airstory gives us an online platform to collaborate and cleanly write and manage posts. We can invite whomever, whenever, and assign permissions based on what needs to be done. It’s an easy fast solution to participant writing projects.

Amplifr (social media management)

Amplifr is a powerful social media scheduling and analytics service for companies, digital agencies and media projects that gives central control through their interface over creation, release, scheduling, and management. Spend a weekend creating a whole month’s worth of SM content and schedule releases for the rest of the month. Track, measure, and tweak along the way with their analytics tool.

Beacon (Lead Magnet Creation)

Beacon is the simplest program we have found to create effective lead magnets and ebooks. When we want to run a promotion, we jump on Beacon and insert our copy, and images, fill out our design guidelines, and viola! Instant, ready to go lead magnet that is integratable into our site!

Billy (accounting management)

We hire an accountant to manage our books and submit for taxes every year. But now, it’s only once a year, saving us a ton of money. Billy is an accounting program that keeps everything in good standing 11 months out of the year so that we know exactly where we stand when we submit for the tax man.

Book Like a Boss (CRM, appointment setting)

Book Like A Boss is our go to app for having our clients automatically book billable time with us. If you are a freelancer or coach, or run an appointment based business, then this is the ultimate platform to funnel your clients into a system that represents your best professional side and cuts down on wasted time usually spend trying to figure out which times are best for both sides.

call page (sales help)

Nearly instant call backs for our clients. When we have existing clients and prospective clients that have questions they want to talk to us immediately. Call back helps us organize who wants a call from us, what they want, and even starts the process on our behalf.