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A Design Lab For Entrepreneurs

We design, build, and test profitable businesses for you so you do not waste time, energy, and resources.

Start with a profitable business from Day 1.

Our Services

Designing, building, and testing products and services in mutiple industries to find the most profitable and efficient opportunities in today’s market.  

Market Selection

Product placement fit, opportunity discovery, market discovery, and end user sales efficiency are a few core areas we look for.

Sales & Marketability

Competition analysis, design concept to delivery pathways, and investment return analysis is the life blood in all the businesses that we create.


Efficient product fulfillment and distribution is the key element to having a business that works for you, rather than a business that owns you.


When possible, we use automation to fulfill the mundane and repetitive elements of your business to free more time and capital.

Growth Advancement

Growth and evolution potential is the key to navigating future uncertainties. Our companies are built with maximum optionality.

Investment Disposition

Options bring opportunities. Every company we create is built with high possibility to be easily bought and sold so you can leverage maximum returns.

Award Winning Websites

The website is the window into your business – and your best sales tool. The best product with subpar marketing and design will become the best kept secret. Great design and marketing opens the door for your customers to experience your products ahead of time and when done correctly, enhances the sales process 10x. This is why we build amazing sites with a fantastic brand and story for products in high demand. 

Coming Soon Website

We Design Personalized Platforms, too.

In addition to the business that we design, build, and test internally, we also work with a select few investors and entrepreneurs to develop bespoke businesses so that they are handed over profitable from day 1.

More Cashflow = More Opportunities

Time and Money are the root of freedom. You can’t have freedom if you don’t have the time to do what you want, and you can’t do what you want without the resources to pay for it. That is why we focus heavily on maximizing these 2 elements in every business we create. Automatic cashflow gives you the flexibility to work on more projects you love while fulfilling your commitments. 

Explore our blog to find out more about how you can create more freedom in your existing business, or to learn more about how to design and develop a business that maximizes your freedom potential. 


Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow

Discover how you can utilize our trademark platform and process so you can create and start your own business that grants you the freedom and flexibility to live the life you want on your terms. 

Learn more about how we can help you select the right industry and product fit for your next business or how you can purchase one of existing profitable business so that you are profitable from day 1.  

Market Research

Go from knowing nothing, to having clear signals on starting a great business with our mark to market guide.

Design Build

We will build the base of design and branding, with an emphasis on the story and set up to help drive the launch process.


From Idea Generation to Product Delivery, we will map out the way so you can clearly see the path ahead.


Product launch and fulfillment services so that your customers, partners, and team members are all in perfect alignment.

Let’s Work Together

If you are interesting in seeing our open businesses ready for acquisition, fill out this brief form and we will reach out.

If you are looking to join our waitlist to have a business created specifically for you, reach out to us at info